Let's cool the planet!

With rack mountable closed immersion cooling chassis for datacenters

iXora builds energy-saving cooling solutions that enable existing and future datacenters to save enormous amounts of energy and the associated costs. This cooling solution fits in existing 19-inch racks, no longer requires air cooling and supplies hot water as a residual product, which can be injected easily into existing heat grids.

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Take advantage of a unique opportunity to invest in startup iXora. With this investment you´ll participate in the future of closed immersion cooling, an explosive growth market to make datacenters more energy efficient, cost effective and sustainable.

Global Pilot program

Do you want to become part of the new generation datacenters with a superior carbon footprint and outperform the old school datacenters?

Reserve your spot in our global pilot program starting in 2024, first come first served! By joining us, you will have the opportunity to transition into a sustainable data center operator, setting a new standard in the industry. 

Let’s cool the planet together!

Our story

In 2025, people in the developed world will interact with a datacenter every 18 seconds. There are millions of square meters of datacenter floor in the world and that number is rising fast. The energy use of datacenters is a growing environmental and economic concern. Also half of datacenter energy is wasted!

With each new processor generation the power efficiency increases, but at the same time the size decreases; resulting in more power per square meter/foot.

The desire for a Co2 neutral footprint requires alternative ways to keep the power utilization to a minimum. That’s where iXora comes in.

iXora delevoped a closed circuit cooling system which is a perfect solution to convert existing datacenters into efficient and sustainable facilities.

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About iXora

iXora is a manufacturer of next-generation electronic and closed immersion cooling technologies based in Ede, The Netherlands. Our goal is to develop powerful and intelligent solutions that enable industries to transition to energy-efficient and sustainable practices, thereby reducing their carbon footprint.