Intermax, NorthC & iXora present a 19-inch immersion cooling solution at National Data Center Day 2024

On Tuesday, June 4 2024, data centers across the Netherlands opened their doors to the public during the 10th edition of National Data Center Day. This event, organized by the Dutch Data Center Association (DDA), provided a unique opportunity to explore how data centers are pivotal in enabling daily internet and cloud services. Participants discovered the inner workings of these crucial facilities and saw firsthand the source of the internet and cloud services.

Together with Intermax and NorthC we showcased our 19-inch immersion cooling solution.

“Today is National Data Center Day, so interesting things are happening all over the Netherlands. But the most interesting topic is, of course, here. Here we are in Rotterdam at Noordzee, Zestienhoven. Of course, it’s the best data center in the Netherlands, I must say as a Rotterdammer. And we are also the most sustainable data center here because we cool here in liquid with Ixora.

All that warm liquid, of course, it’s the most beautiful data center in the Netherlands. The liquid is converted into a warm living room for Aunt Annie here across the street in Schiebroek. And yes folks, you may deny it, but it really happens in Rotterdam? On the same industrial site, we have a data center here.

Often passing by here, curious how our colleague’s data center is doing. Very interesting to take a look once in a while. Also to look at technical solutions that we are looking for and which we have as an example of what other colleagues also use. So in that respect a very interesting day to take a look in the kitchen of another.

Very nice. Together with Intermax, we are running our first field trial here. This trial has now been going on for six months. And the first data we got from it that we can use again to improve our product.

I am here because I am a student at TU Delft and I am now working on my thesis on making water consumption in data centers more accessible. Therefore, it is also my first time in a data center today, so I am very excited and curious about what I have learned. Immersion cooling, interesting story, certainly to see that we are really making steps from the solution with the big bath now to small solutions that also fit in 19-inch solutions.

Very nice to see that it is also being used in practice here today.”

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