Meet the founders

The iXora fouders consists of young, highly motivated and skilled professionals. By working with open-minded individuals iXora has a flexible and dynamic team that comes to great solutions. ‘We’re not limited by knowledge and nothing is impossible’ is our guiding principle.

Our products are created with passion for the field with usability and efficieny in mind. We work closely with various experienced companies in their respective areas.

Job witteman, founder

Job Witteman can be seen as one of the fathers of the Internet; he founded the Amsterdam Internet Exchange in 1997, one of the foundations of the Internet as we still know it today. The Ams-IX is to date one of the three largest Internet exchanges in the world, located globally and relaying more than a Terabit per second. Job was CEO at the Ams-IX until end of 2017.

Job knows data centers, telecom/internet and hosting providers like the back of his hand and is internationally familar with the political ways surrounding the Internet. At iXora he is one of the minds behind the 19″-compatiblity of the product to make sure all existing data centers are compatible with the iXora immerive cooling solutions.

Vincent Beek, founder

Vincent Beek started his commercial career in 2001 as International Sales and Marketing Manager for a innovative Dutch manufacturer in the Film-, Broadcast-, Sports- and Live Entertainment Industry. In this position he built up a large global network. After 10 year he decided to start working as a Sales contractor. In this role he expanded his global network and sales skills in Marine, Offshore, Military, Aerospace and Government markets.

Vincent’s international business experience and his target driven mindset will push iXora to reach our commercial goals. With his experience our go-to market strategy is secured. He looks from a sales perspective what the market needs and how to position our products. While keeping an eye on the cost price he makes sure our products will be competitive and affordable priced.

Boudewijn Jansen, founder

Boudewijn Jansen started his career as a consultant at RebelGroup. He worked as financial advisor in the infrastructure sector. He worked there for more than 12 years. Hereafter he worked as financial / commercial manager at Boskalis. In this role developed projects related to equity investments and participations. In his private life he supported start-ups in raising funding and preparing business cases.

Vincent Houwert, founder

Vincent Houwert was an early entrepeneur, he started his first company before he was even 18 years old. This company, one of the leading Dutch webhosting companies (True) was started by the end of the 90’s and quickly became well known as an innovative tech-company. After succesfully selling the company in 2012, he moved to the Caribbean for a new challenge in stage design and pro-audio & light rental.

As founder of a hosting company, Vincent knows his way around data centers from an engineering and user perspective. During his experience in the Caribbean, the need for a durable, weatherproof product-line arose.

Vincent took a step back from day to day operations but remains involved in the research & development process and as a general advisor.

Our advisory board

Siemon van den Berg

Siemon is a well known name in the Dutch DataCenter industry, known for his vision and insights in developments in the industry, but maybe most important, concerned about the environment, and that is precisely why we are so happy to see him join our efforts in making the digital word a better place. Our solutions match his ambitions and by having him on the advisory board we assure ourselves of sound advise based on his know-how, experience and integrity.

About Siemon van den Berg

Siemon van den Berg pioneered datacenter cooling ever since he founded The Datacenter Group in 2007. 15 years later his business merged into NorthC Datacenters, market leader in regional datacenters across The Netherlands, Germany and Switzerland, where he is member of the supervisory board. Siemon also invests in impactful ventures through his investment fund Impact Equity.