Khaled Aziz joins iXora as Sales Manager

While rolling out the second phase of our HRM solution, we are excited to welcome Khaled Aziz as our new Sales Manager.

Khaled’s career began at the Korean Trade Organization, where he worked as an International Trade Consultant. He excelled in building partnerships between Korean and Dutch companies, collaborating closely with various teams to set up numerous successful deals.

After that, Khaled joined Dell Technologies. As a Senior Technical Account Manager, he significantly contributed to the success of the Infrastructure Solution Group. He played a key role in enhancing technical solutions and boosting sales. Leading the sales team, he helped them meet their targets and guided other account managers in working together effectively. His efforts were crucial in ensuring that technical solutions perfectly met the needs of customers.

His expertise in combining technical knowledge with sales strategies makes Khaled a valuable addition to our team, as we move forward to cool the planet with immersion cooling solutions.

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