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December 23rd 2021


We hope you can all immerse yourselves in wonderful days and wish you all the best for 2022! For the best experience, we suggest you play 'Jingle Bells' once too many. ?

December 13th 2021

HRM-10X released

After successful showings at the Next-Gen Datacenter Cooling Summit (Woerden, The Netherlands) and Slush 2021 (Helsinki, Finland), iXora officially releases its second concept model. The HRM-10X is based on the same technology as the previous HRM-3X. Additional features include improvements in the ease of use during maintenance. Based on market demand the cassettes have been scaled to increase the number of individual cassettes in one rack. Product information

December 1st 2021

Live at Slush! 2021

Arrived at the NL Lounge in Helsinki for Slush 2021! HRM-10X showing at the stand, next to ‘Builder Studio’, come visit us if you’re here!

November 23rd 2021

Next-Gen Datacenter Cooling

Last Thursday we presented our HRM-3X and the brand new concept model, the HRM-10X at Switch Datacenters, during the Next-gen Datacenter Summit. Organized by Eric Luteijn, this will be a recurring event about innovations in the datacenter market. Very pleasant day with interesting speakers and a great discussion pane l. We look forward to the 17th of February for the next edition!

November 5th 2021

Interview Financieel Dagblad

Interview in Het Financieele Dagblad, Dutch national newspaper, with our CTO, Vincent Houwert, about the history of iXora and the road leading towards the invention and development of our HRM platform. Read interview

October 26th 2021

Climate day

Monday November 1st 2021 iXora will participate at Dag van het Klimaatakkoord at NBC in Nieuwegein. We are looking forward to meet you to show our innovative HRM closed immersive cooling solution. Please register at https://lnkd.in/drEWURFR

October 18th 2021

Las Vegas here we come!

CES Unveiled was a success; we're off to Vegas in January! Our HRM-3X will be rolling to the Dutch 'Eureka' start-up pavilion, no need to rub Caesars hand or Elvis' ring, it'll be attracting attention!

October 13th 2021

Ready for CES Unveiled

Ready to be CES unveiled tomorrow 14 October at RAI Amsterdam

October 11th 2021

Slush! 2021

Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO) has selected us for the Dutch Trade-Mission to Helsinki, Finland, to give presence at the Slush! 2021 start-up show! This will be the international launch of the iXora HRM! We're excited showing you our revolutionary innovation, see you 1-2 December at Slush!

September 29th 2021

Public release of the HRM-3X

We reached a major milestone; the public release of our first concept/prototype: the iXora HRM-3X (Hypotherm Rack Mount), a modulair, 19"-rack mountable, closed immersive cooling solution for datacenters and their customers. A great and enthusiastic audience watched how we unveiled the prototype we've been working on for the past few months. Next-stop: Amsterdam Rai, 14th of October!

September 9th 2021

First glimpse of actual prototype HRM-3X

Yes, exciting news! We've seen the first glimpse of the upcoming prototype, the full-size iXora HRM-3X, to be shown to the public by the end of this month... This will be a featured concept model to show how the immersive cooling using cassettes can look in regular 19 -racks

August 24rd 2021

New logo & company consolidation

To make life for our marketeers a bit easier and avoid future confusion we've decided to merge Stem Technologies, Hypotherm and iXora into one brand; iXora! To celebrate that, we'll be introducing our new logo shortly!

August 19th 2021

CES Unveiled Amsterdam

We're proud to be selected to present our future product to the public at the Amsterdam RAI on the 14th of October. We'll be presenting at the CES Unveiled exhibition, a preview of startups that are potentials to present their products at the official CES in Las Vegas, USA early January next year!!! Looking forward to it

August 16th 2021

Article on Tweakers.NET

The leading IT-website for Dutch audience, Tweakers.NET, has published a premium article about immersive cooling and they give us and our solution a lot of attention. Great read; you can find it here

July 30th 2021

Testing results

Our second Proof-of-Concept is performing extremely well; it's fast, it's stable and it cools perfectly to preset temperatures. Matching the added heat it does show quick response and keeps temperatures well within limits. At lower temperatures we see a lot of condensation as expected; the cold plates are without any insulation at this phase, so we're loosing performance and attract moist. Nothing unexpected fortunately

July 23rd 2021

Second Proof-of-Concept

While most are enjoying their holidays, we're making progress. Together with cooling partner Scala Scientific we're finalizing the last bits and pieces of our second Proof-of-Concept. This one will be the first to cool the actual full cassettes down to -30°C. But obviously most tests will be performed around 20~25°C to avoid condensation.

June 22st 2021

Second time in 'de Telegraaf'

De Telegraaf' interviewed us for the second time! This time a double interview with Job and Vincent (Houwert), about the product and the challenges data centers are coping with. Some technical background on the technology and how we came up with 'closed immersive cooling' and our vision towards the future.

June 21st 2021

Job in live interview

For a live video podcast, our CEO Job Witteman was interviewed about our coming products, the datacenter market and the challenges the data centers are struggling with at the moment. Talking about energy, politics and potential technical solutions. Interesting watch! See more at our press-page.

May 28th 2021

First nationwide press coverage

One of the Netherlands largest newspapers, 'de Telegraaf', is publishing a story about us and our invention. The article is about patents and the legal costs and procedures that come with them. We were asked for a short interview through our Patent office, Patentwerk. You can view the article in our press area.

May 19th 2021

Met nerds om tafel' - Podcast

Vincent Houwert, our CTO, had an hour interview about himself, the cowboy -years of the early Internet, the future with immersive cooling and some other nerd talk.

May 5th 2021

Software and IR results

The first 'StemOS' version is being deployed over our sensor boards; this is our modulair firmware that can run on both ESP32 and STM32 based testing/sensor pcb's we're designing for performing various tests. Next to that we've got our IR-measuring device so we can capture IR/heat images of how the heating liquid is behaving inside the cassettes. All according to our designed specifications so far!

April 29st 2021

First Proof-of-Concept

Our Proof-of-Concept is performing above expectations; even without active cooling the system is already stable and at almost the same core temperature as with aircooling. At the moment we're only testing with loads up to 500 Watts (0.5kW), so by far not in target range. But this already gives an idea how effective the cooling can work with the heating components and liquid acting as one cooling body. Interesting and promising!

April 21st 2021

Proof-of-Concept first results

The first version of our immersive cooling cassette was delivered today by our metal manufacturer. Since all tests with the liquids and sensor boards have been successful, we can now start with inserting the first complete server setups into the liquid and perform testing on that. We'll be using some common brands of mainboards with processors from both AMD and Intel.

April 6th 2021

Testing the liquid

After the first barrels of liquid arrived last week, testing has been started. The liquid will be tested at -80°C, -60°C, vacuum / drycooled at -50°C and longer periods of -20°C. Multiple experiments will be done, the liquid on it's own and the liquid with some of our custom designed sensor boards in them to see how electronics behave in the liquid and at the very low temperatures.

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