iXora Curaçao was founded in 2017, aiming to develop and manufacture durable next-generation electronic products. Our goal is to develop powerful and intelligent solutions that enable industries to transition to energy-efficient and sustainable practices, thereby reducing their carbon footprint.

We work with the latest and most energy efficient technologies to provide the most effective use of power. Many of the materials used are based on recycled or renewed products, such as paper, plastic and vegetation.

Sun & beaches

The quest for developing durable electronics started on a Caribbean Island named Curaçao. While the tropical climate can be a relieve for people, for electronics it’s a disaster. The salty air, the heat, direct sunlight, tropical rain and moist air are ruining components and cause corrosion in any part that could possibly corrode.

iXora’s goal was to develop a high performance audio system for the professional entertainment market that could last for ages.

The name ‘iXora’ derives from the common, four pedal flower plant, the Ixora Coccinea or Jungle Geranium. This is symbolic to the durable mindset we have.

Towards immersion cooling

While developing our next-generation modulair amplifier cooling challenges surfaced. To cool many kilowatts of electronics without using fans or other moving parts that are subject to wear and tear, one of the possible solutions is using immersion cooling.

By immersing electronics completely in liquid the heat is spread into a larger body, this is the most effective way of cooling known.

From data center to pro-audio to data center

In datacenters around the world, immersion cooling has been in use for over a decade. But, these are all open baths, filled with liquids and the required computer components.

To provide a cooling solution for a mobile amplifier platform, the system is required to be closed circuit; transportation of a bath filled with liquids by lorries off-road to festival and concert areas would not be a success.

iXora delevoped a closed circuit cooling system to provide this and.. this is a perfect solution to convert existing datacenters into much more efficient facilities.

Climate challenge

Datacenters around the world are constantly growing and facing increasing power density, thus demanding new innovative cooling techniques to keep up with demand. With each new processor generation the power efficiency increases, but at the same time the size decreases; resulting in more power per square meter/foot. The desire for a Co2 neutral footprint requires alternative ways to keep the power utilization to a minimum.

The target is set to reach this goal before 2030, the clock is ticking. Showtime!