Scala Scientific joins pilot

Scala Scientific B.V. joins pilot project at our experience center by connecting their building for the use of the residual heat generated by our test and pilot projects. Scala and iXora have been neighbors since the start of iXora in Ede and Scala often gives input and a helping hand during the development of the HRM solution. Scala is a dedicated company in cooling equipment for laboratories and other scientific and medical applications, therefore additional knowledge about high-performance cooling is always next door for our engineering team.

Michel Keijzer, founder of Scala Scientific B.V. about the pilot project: “For us as a company, reducing energy consumption and our carbon footprint has been becoming increasingly important, we love the projects going on at iXora and are more than happy to join in this project. We have a strong belief this will enable datacenters to become more sustainable in the future and provide a growing role in the ongoing energy transition.”

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