Senior Compute Specialist Erwin Bleeker joins iXora

Erwin Bleeker joined the iXora team as Senior Compute Specialist at February 1st 2023.

Erwin will lead the compute development to be used in the liquid-cooled cassettes. In addition, Erwin is involved in realizing the field tests on location.

Before Erwin was 10 years old he started coding in Basic and later Turbo Pascal. To learn how computers works he disassembled his dads computer and put it back together when he was very young.
To host his websites Erwin racked his first tailor made server in 2000 in a datacenter in Amsterdam.

At managed hosting company True, Erwin worked for 18 years and served in several roles as Support and System Engineer, Datacenter Manager, Solutions Architect and VP Solutions.
As a lead architect of multi-datacenter high-available and scalable hosting platforms and managed hosting products, he also acted as Solutions Architect to sell those solutions to wel-known Dutch companies.

His hands-on experience and broad in-depth knowledge goes from coding to middleware/OS automation and from server/network to datacenter infrastructure. With his business skills he was also deeply involved in product development/management and improving & optimizing company processes.

Before joining iXora Erwin worked as Senior Solution Consultant for Managed and Cloud Service Providers at Dell Technologies. At Dell Technologies he was very successful because of unique combination of technical communicative and commercial skills.

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