Siemon van den Berg joins advisory board iXora

We are proud to announce our first member of our advisory board: Siemon van den Berg.

Siemon is a well known name in the Dutch DataCenter industry, known for his vision and insights in developments in the industry, but maybe most important, concerned about the environment, and that is precisely why we are so happy to see him join our efforts in making the digital word a better place. Our solutions match his ambitions and by having him on the advisory board we assure ourselves of sound advise based on his know-how, experience and integrity.

About Siemon van den Berg

Siemon van den Berg pioneered datacenter cooling ever since he founded The Datacenter Group in 2007. 15 years later his business merged into NorthC Datacenters, market leader in regional datacenters across The Netherlands, Germany and Switzerland, where he is member of the supervisory board. Siemon also invests in impactful ventures through his investment fund Impact Equity.

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