Why 19″ Rack Mountable Immersion Cooling Chassis will become the New Standard for Datacenters

With datacenters becoming increasingly complex and power-hungry, cooling solutions have become a critical component of their design. The traditional air-cooled solutions have been pushed to their limits and it’s time for a new standard. We believe that 19″ rack mountable immersion cooling will quickly rise to become the standard in the datacenter industry. 

Here’s why they will be so popular and why datacenters should consider them for their business.

1. Immersion cooling solutions are more efficient than air-cooled ones

Immersion cooling solutions provide more efficient cooling than traditional air-cooled ones by directly immersing servers in dielectric fluid, allowing heat to be transferred away from components faster than air can. This results in improved performance and reduced energy costs as less power is needed to cool components down. Furthermore, these solutions also reduce noise levels since there is no need for large fans or other noise-producing equipment.

2. Immersion cooling solutions reduce operating costs

Another advantage of immersion cooling solutions is that they significantly reduce operating costs due to their high efficiency. By reducing energy consumption and eliminating the need for large fans or other noise-producing equipment, businesses can save on both upfront costs as well as ongoing operating expenses such as electricity bills. 

Additionally, these solutions also allow businesses to free up valuable space in their facilities since they occupy less physical space than traditional air-cooled systems.  

3. Reduced maintenance requirements

The third major benefit of using 19″ racks mountable immersion cooling chassis is that they require very little maintenance compared to traditional air-cooled systems. Since there are no moving parts or fans involved, these systems are much easier to maintain and troubleshoot when something goes wrong.

4. No need to replace existing equipment or change in workflow

Whether you need a single unit or an entire network of units, modular 19″-racks makes it easy to expand your system as needed without having to replace your existing equipment. Plus, closed cassettes are designed for flexibility so that they can be used in both small and large data centers alike, making them ideal for any size business or organization. By using closed cassettes each device is individually packaged resulting in no open “baths” or “tanks” on the datafloor, so no slippery liquid can be spoiled.

By isolating the devices, they can be managed individually, just like regular servers. So this doesn’t require a change in workflow. Where the regular, common solutions interfere with existing infrastructure in terms of airflow and 19″-racks that are already in place, this solution can be fitted right into existing racks. This way, the millions of racks already out there can still be used.  

Invest now and stay ahead of the competition

19″ racks mountable immersion cooling solutions offer many advantages over traditional air-cooled ones and open ‘baths’ or ‘tanks’ cooling solutions including improved efficiency, reduced operating costs, and minimal maintenance requirements. 

It’s easy to see why this technology can quickly become the standard in the datacenter industry and why businesses should consider making a switch if they haven’t already done so already! 

Not only will it improve performance but it will also help businesses save money in the long run due to its low energy consumption and minimal maintenance needs. Investing in a 19″ racks mountable immersion cooling solution could be just what your datacenter needs to stay ahead of the competition!

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