Why Datacenters need to make radical changes in their architecture to reduce energy costs

Not only households are facing financial problems due to raising energy costs, also larger corporates are suffering these days. Some high energy users such as aluminum melters have decided to pause production because they are unable to charge the additional costs on to their customers. Other large energy users are in a somewhat more luxurious position because they can simply translate their additional costs in higher prices to their customers.

One of these latter industries are the Datacenters, with a somewhat awkward result: end-users are confronted with higher prices for hosting their network needs where better options are available for the digital industry: immersive cooling. The end user is often not aware that their Datacenter can actually offer such cost efficient and energy reducing options and thus they will not ask for it. The incentive for the Datacenter is not very high since they need to invest in the new technology while they ‘control’ demand and their margins stay as they always were.

So what needs to be done to get Datacenters to make radical changes in their architecture?

There are a few options that come to mind:

  • Education towards government bodies who can steer the developments via subsidies, or enforce new regulations.
  • Education of the larger public so that demand will force Datacenters to move.
  • Educate the Datacenters and make them do ’the right thing’.

After all, energy savings make happier customers and a healthier world.

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