Invest in iXora

Thank you for your interest to invest in iXora! We sincerely appreciate your participation. More information about the opportunity to invest in iXora can be found in this two-page summary.

The investment payment process works as follows:

  1. When you fill in the registration form below, you make your interest to invest known to us. Participation is possible from €5,000 (equivalent to 5,000 certificates). From €10,000 a bonus of 10% is granted. From €50,000 the bonus granted is 30%. An example: with a purchase worth €10,000, an additional 1,000 certificates are issued on top of the 10,000 purchased certificates, for a total of 11,000 certificates. (see the FAQ for more information the certificates).
  2. You will receive a confirmation email from us once we have received your application. This e-mail contains information about the necessary steps to complete your investment. 
  3. Upon receipt of your payment, we will send you a payment receipt confirmation.
  4. You will also receive an agreement for determining the investment amount and the number of certificates.
  5. Once you have returned the signed agreement, the transaction is complete.

Investors Event

Whatever you decide regarding investing in iXora, you are always welcome to our Investors Event on October 10th at Amsterdam Science Center. On this event we present our new product, you can visit a datacenter and meet the founders. If you like to attend this event, click here to sign up. We are happy to welcome you and show you our latest products and steps.

Any questions?

Find the answers below or get in touch with us!

You can buy a share certificate in iXora. A share certificate makes you an investor in the company. The certificates allow you to benefit from company value increase and you will receive project rata dividends equal to other shareholders.

Investing means taking risks. Only invest in iXora when you have the financial room to do so, this early stage investment is risky.

In the current seed round the company issues certificates at a value of €2 million. The STAK receives 10% of the shares in iXora BV. The STAK issues 2 million certificates for €1 each. 

Participation is allowed at a minimum of €5.000 (equivalent to 5,000 certificates).

From €10,000 a bonus of 10% is granted. From €50,000 the bonus granted is 30%.

An example: with a purchase worth €10,000, an additional 1,000 certificates are issued on top of the 10,000 purchased certificates, for a total of 11,000 certificates. 

iXora is currently valued at €18 million (so called ‘pre-money’ value). With the seed round funding completed, iXora will have a ‘post-money’ value of €20 million.

In the current seed round the company issues certificates at a value of €2 million. The STAK receives 10% of the shares in iXora BV. The STAK issues 2 million certificates for €1 each. 

Certificates do not have voting rights, they remain with the board of the STAK. The certificates are digitized. By digitalization the trading and administration becomes easy without the notary costs.

iXora has successfully finalized its prototype-phase and will start a pilot to be placed at large datacenters. For the financing of this pilot and to continue research & development the company issues certificates at a total of €2 million, through a Stichting Administratiekantoor (STAK).

The STAK will receive in return 10% of the shares. After the pilot phase, the market introduction will follow. We expect that hereafter an A-round funding is required.

  1. Attract technical specialists
  2. Purchase components
  3. Set up production
  4. Set up sales channel

The capital shall be invested directly in the expansion of the company, such that iXora can continue develop its products and achieve its aims.

After your registration you will receive an email about the settlement and a link to the articles of association and the deed of incorporation.

Yes, you can sell your certificates to other investors after 12 months. In the first 12 months there is so called ‘time-lock’. After the 12 months you are allowed to sell the certificates during a day organized by iXora and a notary.

You determine the minimal price you want to receive for the certificates, this is done anonymously. Buyers can anonymously make an offer. If there is a match than your certificates are sold. When you have accepted the offer the payment must be done in 24 hours, which is run through the notary accounts. You are paid by the notary.

By becoming an owner in iXora the return is generated by two components. This is the value growth of the certificates and the annual dividend you will receive if other shareholders also receive dividend.

How high the return will be, can not be stated with certainty. You enter in iXora in an early stage. If the product is accepted by the market, revenue will increase which has a positive impact on the value of iXora, hence on the value of the certificates.

Although it is complex to assess the likelihood of success the potential looks enormous. The projections show a strong growth of revenue within the next 3 years. However this is no guarantee. The investment can be monetarized when you sell the certificates or if iXora is sold as a whole.

The level of dividend is determined on an annual basis, and is based on the annual profit and loss accounts. The board decides if the profit is paid out in dividends or will be invested back into the company for further growth.

We believe in the iXora product because of 2 trends. The growth of datacenters is enormous, this was 17% on average in the last 10 years. In addition sustainability starts to get a lot of attention in the sector, of course due to the recent high energy prices but also due to the large carbon footprint datacenters have. Liquid cooling is the only answer for this challenge. For us and our competitors the market is large enough to have a more than healthy growth. With a market capturing of 1% the revenue is already very large.

All founders have invested in iXora. Jointly we have invested more than €1 million in cash in iXora.

No, iXora shall pay for this seed round transaction costs.

If you decide to sell your certificates after 12 months, only the buyer shall pay transaction costs.

No, iXora will not charge you, claim you, ask any security from you or hold you liable in anyway.

For tax questions we refer you to the tax authorities or your tax advisor, as your personal situation might influence the tax effects of the purchase.

The STAK (Stichting Administratie Kantoor iXora) is a Dutch entity, established and passed by the Notariaat VPVA in Ede-Wageningen and registered with the Chamber of Commerce.

Yes you can, please contact us and we prepare a suitable payment alternative for you.

Yes this is possible, immersion cooling is an known technology for quite some time. This is done with so called dielectrical fluids which does not react with electronics. Several companies are making these fluids, such as Lubrizol, Shell, 3M etc. The fluids have a long life span, after +/- 6 jaar the fluids must be filtered and can be re-used.

Fluids are efficient in reducing heats. Fluids are approximately 1300 times more efficient than air systems. In addition there are other benefits:

  • Computers have a more stable temperature and therefore the equipment will have a longer life time.
  • Fans are not needed anymore, hence no moving components.
  • Air cooled systems can not run too hot, as employees are active within the computer area.
  • The temperature of immersion systems can be set more accurate, and more suitable to chip performance.
  • With immersion systems residual heat can be better used than air systems.

The cost savings are:

  • Lower cooling energy.
  • Less computers costs duet to less components (no outside structure, no fans…etc).
  • Less costs for data center building, as the double floor is not needed anymore, less capacity for chillers, etc. In addition less surface is needed as 10x more compute per m2 can be achieved with immersion, and therefore less m2 to be constructed and less rent.

Climate challenge

Data centers around the world are constantly growing and facing increasing power density, thus demanding new innovative cooling techniques to keep up with demand. With each new processor generation the power efficiency increases, but at the same time the size decreases; resulting in more power per square meter/foot. The desire for a Co2 neutral footprint requires alternative ways to keep the power utilization to a minimum.

The target is set to reach this goal before 2030, the clock is ticking. Showtime!